Community Garden

A neighbourhood food, herb and medicine garden - a place to gather, to learn, to eat, to make friends, to grow...

12 Park Lane is an old 'Parktonian house' that has had many lives as a home, armoury, nursing centre and creche among others. Today it stands dishevelled after many years of neglect. The garden space of the property has been taken up as a community project to grow food and create a community gathering space. Using Permaculture principles, the community garden is a site of collective labour and communal growing for ecological harmony and sustainable living. The garden will also be built into a site for collective gathering, children's gardening workshops and skills transfer.

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The journey started with the community stepping in to clear overgrowth and trash accumulation from the yard that contributing to the trouble being attracted to the area.

From there, the vegetable garden was born.

(above) Images taken before the community stepped in to clear the yard (left) Our first look at the Dan Pienaar building with a tidy yard.

find out more about the history of the property here