Code Kamoso

Kamoso means "tomorrow" in setswana. Code Kamoso is a prompt for anyone and everyone to be a part of determining what that tomorrow will be. A prompt to participate in the dictation of what tomorrow will mean. Rather than letting technology be something that happens to us, we decide how it will grow with us. We participate in the future now, by writing code ourselves: writing our narratives, our cares, hopes and dreams into the technology of the future.

Only 5% of the world population knows how to code, and this population is growing faster outside of South Africa than it is inside of it. Out of FOMO and the fear of missed opportunities to address South African complexities, industry professionals Pelonomi Moiloa and Daniel Kalmer set out to teach, share and transform. Through a combination of coding academy programmes and working with schools to adapt to technological change we aim to get this coding thing going for a better tomorrow, for everyone.